Sunday, August 30, 2015

First surf session for the boys!

Bodyboard, waves, and sandcastles.... fun in the sun with grand-parents! The boys were pretty cranky that day and a million times better after playing in the waves and on the beach!!! Yay for Olivier, cold water and sand I say!

Legos legos legos everywhere

Legos are just the coolest thing, no debate about it :) They are even on the boat!

Tao biking!

Little dude upgraded to his big bike! The strider was awesome, fine tuned his balance skills, but we HAD to move on to a real bike, in order to get some brakes! Sky spent a weekend in Petaluma solo with Brendan's parents, while Tao and I went to the boat with my parents, and rode on the bike path at Half Moon Bay, all the way to the beach!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Farm time at Brendan's parents

Grand-parents, chicks, chickens, eggs, bread, sheep.... pure happiness!!!

Swim and... jump!

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